Day 4 – 12 Days Before Christmas

Website101 | Prosperous Massage PracticeWebsite 101, an easy video-based tutorial that walks you through setting up a wordpress site is on sale. Normally $69 is now $55 until tomorrow night at midnight.

Updated: This special is now over, but you can purchase Website101 by , clicking here.

Day 2 ~ 12 Days Before Christmas

Breakthrough Strategy Coaching Session is 33% off.

Regularly $95 per hour; now just $64. Purchase as many sessions at this special price as you want. Sessions need to be used before December 31, 2014

This offer is now over, but if you would like to know more about my coaching sessions, you can read more here.

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How to Avoid Losing Clients

Clients can be fickle — they’re looking to save money just as much as we’re looking to make money. The two are almost mutually exclusive, so we’re always looking for that edge — that balance that will make us as profitable as possible, keep our current clients happy, and get lots of new clients.

If you’re losing clients, or just afraid you’re going to lose them, there are a few things you can do to tighten that bond with your client and figure out exactly what they’re looking for so that you may be able to meet their needs even better than you have been so far.

#1 — Conduct an email campaign with a discount or coupon included

I’m not big on filling out surveys — the only ones I usually like are the ones I conduct on my own. But the few that I do get involved in that really draw me in are the ones that offer me something in return like a discount or coupon on a future purchase. I did this for the first 2-3 years of my business (I even wrote about it in my book “Creating a Prosperous Practice“) and you can gain some insight about your client and what they like and don’t like, while keeping them coming back for more because you just gave them something to use next time they need services like yours.

#2 — Contact your long-term clients directly by phone

To make sure that you maintain that close personal relationship with your best clients, reach out to them by phone periodically. Talk to them about what you offer or are doing that they like, and what they would like to see changed. Ask them to be candid and let them know that you’re seriously interested in their honest feedback.

#3 — Analyze clients purchase trends

This is something you probably should be doing all along, but with smaller businesses run by one or two very busy people, it can be extremely difficult to set aside the time to do it right. What you need to do is select a time period — maybe it’s the past six months, maybe a full year — and see who your best customers are, where they’re coming from, what services they are getting, how much they’re spending, etc.

Below are 4 proven secrets to help you succeed.

1. Stay In Touch
Stay in contact with clients on a regular basis. Offer them a free newsletter subscription. Ask clients if they want to be updated by e-mail when you make changes to your website.

2. Have a Friendly Website
Make it easy for your clients to navigate on your website. Have a “FAQ” page on your website to explain anything that might confuse your customers.

3. Easy Communication
Make it easy and for your customers to contact you. Offer as many contact methods as possible.

4. Impress Your Client
Give your clients more than they expect. Send thank you gifts to your very best clients (remember Pareto principle – 80% of our income is coming from 20% of your clients — know who they are and reward them). E-mail them online greeting cards on holidays or birthdays.

Sale*abration on Creating a Prosperous Practice

My hubby and I are on a massive de-cluttering spree. In my efforts of cleaning and purging, I happened upon a box of the first edition of my book Creating a Prosperous Practice. Although this book has been revised and is in its 2nd edition, this book still has valuable information on how I took my business from paying 10s of thousands of dollars in advertising to spending practically nothing all while tripling my business.

I have decided to give them away for free, you just pay Shipping and Handling. There is a limited number of these ~ about 40 or so ~ so it is on a first come, first served basis.

If you want to read what’s included in the book or see what other people are saying about the book, you can go here.

Click here to get your own copy today. These books will go priority mail so that I don’t have to mess with finding boxes or mailing envelopes. Go now!

Creating a Prosperous Practice

Sorry all of the copies have been sold. Thank your for you interest.

Free Massage Videos

I’ve created a series of videos for you to use for free on your website, Facebook Page/Profile or on Twitter.

Here are what some people are saying about the videos:

Hi Linda, thanks for the fantastic videos, I have been using them on my facebook page. I also do reiki and craniosacral therapy. If you’re looking for ideas for future videos, I would like to see some for other body work modalities in addition to the great massage ones that you have already posted. Thanks again, this is a wonderful idea. –Christine Baker, LMT

I did not know this existed. Wonderful idea! Well done. Thanks again –Suzanne Nichols

Great site and helpful videos! –Sandy Haynes

Hello~thank you for your effort in making these educational videos for our use! –Premo’s Barbar Spa

Linda! I don’t know how I missed this page before now – these videos are great – thanks! –Cindy Iwlew

Excellent page! 🙂 –Tammy L Regis

Thanks for sharing the I Massage videos. Very well done indeed. –Jean Walker-Wiley

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“If I Could Start Over” by Renee’ Randall

Guest Post by Renee Randall

If I could start my massage career over today, knowing what I know now, I would do these things differently.

Go to a cadaver lab. I have been told you learn so much more about how the muscles attach and where they are.

I would ask to learn more self care.  Such as stretches and the like. I have had to learn on my own for the most part and am paying for it now!

I would take more specialty classes before I got so busy it is hard to take off now and I don’t have any close by.


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